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Additional devices


Category: Additional devices
Mains voltage 24V
Max output current 6A
Nominal output voltage 24V
Certificate CNBOP-PIB
Output No. 2

The CS-ZSP135 control panel is designed for automatic control of: two-way actuators equipped with an overload protection system, spring actuators or door holders. It additionally allows for turning on a device powered from the 230V mains e.g. fire partition, actuator or fan.

Starting executive devices is triggered by binary signal via a line input-output module located in the detection loop of a fire control panel CSP. The module input can accept general fault signal from the control panel.

The location of the control panel outputs allows to power and control two groups of drives. Each group is equipped with two outputs and can support a different type or drive type.

The control panel controls the presence of voltage at the end of the drive power line independently for each output. Such the line continuity control is also carried out when declaring the disconnection of the mains voltage of bidirectional actuators in the supervision mode.

The drives activated by the control panel enable simultaneous control of the operation of various types of fire dampers: shut-off fire ventilation (EN 12101-8), shutting-off fire protection (EN 15650), and also aeration or bleed ventilation flaps.

The mechanical construction allows for hanging the control panel cabinet at the wall.

The control panel is certified by the CNBOP No. 2911/2013 and Certificate of Admission No. 1911/2013.

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  • possibility of automatic or manual control
  • possibility of leading two separate 24V power lines
  • possibility of receiving a fire alarm from CSP via detection circuit
  • control of two groups of two 24V DC outputs
  • potential-free power relay for controlling actuators (230V/5A)
  • control of continuity of lines controlling electromechanical drives
  • remote relay signal of general fault to CSP


Standard equipment

  • halogen-free polypropylene cabinet reinforced with fiberglass
  • membrane glands on all sides of the casing for leading out installation cables
  • LED indication of operation status: STANDBY, FIRE FAULT
  • set of plugs for connecting control panel
  • plug with resistors that parameterize fire alarm line
  • configuration switches for each output group
  • Jumper - line parameterization switch with on fault to CSP
  • set of resistors for parameterizing line

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