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MZB Floating operation power supplies (GRADE 2)

The MZB floating operation power supplies are used to supply uninterruptible voltage to the devices of:

  • access control
  • CCTV
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • other devices requiring voltage maintenance when the mains power failure

The MZB power supplies are made in accordance with the requirements of the latest version of the EN 50131-6 standard in GRADE 2.

The solutions used in the power supply are characterized by very low quiescent power consumption, which significantly extends the operation time of the powered devices in the battery mode.


  • wide range of mains power voltage: 85 ... 264Vac, 120 ... 373Vdc
  • very low quiescent power consumption: <15mA
  • stable output voltage of 13.8V with possibility of adjustment in range of 12 ... 14.2V
  • two independent and protected outputs
  • control of battery charging and maintenance
  • two levels of battery charging current limitation: 0.5A or 1A - selection by means of a jumper
  • possibility of starting power supply from battery - "cold start" function
  • battery protection against excessive discharge - the possibility of blocking with jumper
  • LED signalization
  • technical outputs: low battery voltage (LoB), mains failure or power supply fault (EPS)
  • output protection against short-circuit or reverse connection of battery
  • output overvoltage protection - no need to use additional circuits when powering access control, CCTV and IDS devices
  • short-circuit, overload, overvoltage and anti-tamper protection
  • metal cabinet closed with screws


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