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ZM-R 110/220V


The power supplies have an additional packet that allows you to connect further power supply modules (up to 15 units) in parallel. The power supply equipped in this way ensures equal distribution of the load current among the connected power supplies. Thanks to the additional connector, it is also possible to adjust the power supply remotely (output voltage).

In standard, the power supplies are equipped with the LED and relay signalization as well as the optical signalization of incorrect and correct parallel operation.

A temperature sensor can be connected to the power supply which allows for adjusting the output voltage (floating voltage) depending on the ambient temperature of the batteries. The use of the sensor makes it possible to maintain the proper operating parameters of the connected batteries and extends their life.

  • single phase 230Vac or 220Vdc input voltage
  • LED signalization of correct operation and current limitation
  • relay indication of correct operation of power supply
  • possibility of connecting of up to 15 rectifiers in parallel
  • equal distribution of load current
  • possibility to control power supply from outside
  • possibility to select terminals on front panel
  • many product versions for various mounting possibilities
  Name Nominal output voltage Output current Additional data

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