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ZSP100 BS Power supplies for Bosch access control panels

ZSP100 BS power supplies have been designed to power with uninterruptible voltage the 24V devices of:

Fire signalization according to EN 54-4 + A2

Heat and smoke control according to EN 12101-10

Fire protection according to Reg. Ministry of Interior and Administration, dated 20 June 2007 (Journal of Laws No. 143, item 1002, as amended in Journal of Laws No. 85, item 553 of 27 April 2010)

The power supplies are covered with the 36 month warranty.

Certificate for power supply No. 1438-CPR-0454

Certificate of approval for the ZSP100 power supply No. 2582/2016 and for access control panels 3049/2017, 3050/2017

Simultaneous compliance with many normative documents enables the use of one type of power supply for various fire protection devices.

  • metal, lockable wall box with room for battery bank
  • LED signalization system of power supply operation status: mains and fault
  • remote signalization: mains fault and general fault (three relay contacts available for each type)
  • overload protection of output circuits and battery
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVDD)
  • external alarm input
  • internal temperature sensor
  • additional LED signalization inside power supply for diagnostic purposes
  • additional fastening of TS-35 rails to elements of access control panel
  • 24V/12V converter (option)
  • high efficiency under load and low quiescent power
  • two outputs with separate protections (seven in ZSP 100 BS 2PO)
  • possibility of connecting module with additional outputs
  • bulk charging with current limitation adapted to battery capacity
  • temperature compensation for floating operation voltage and bulk charging
  • LVDD
  • measurement of battery circuit resistance
  • resistance to shorting battery input
  • resistance to reverse connection of battery polarity
  • two relay signalization outputs with set of 3 pins each
  • possibility of connecting external LED signalization (two LEDs)
  • external alarm input
  • tamper switch (tamper)
  • resistance to difficult working conditions (25 ... + 55 ° C, IP42)
  Name Space for battery Additional data
ZSP100-2.5A-18 BS 1
ZSP100-2.5A-18 BS 1P
ZSP100-5.5A-40 BS 2
ZSP100-5.5A-40 BS 2PO

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