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Depending on the application, the power supplies must have a wide range of settings and parameters, so that you can easily select the appropriate power supply, its voltage and, if necessary, adapt the power supply to the requirements of a given system, e.g. by partial change of the output voltage.

Our offer includes power supplies from 25 to 9000W in the basic voltage versions: 12, 24, 48, 110 and 220V (DC). It is also possible to order a power supply with different output voltage according to a customer’s specifications.

Examples of additional functions:

  • power supply for battery cooperation with temperature sensor and battery disconnector
  • dedicated algorithms for battery charging and supervision
  • parallel operation
  • additional signalization
  • outputs of various voltage values
  • digital communication


The power supplies are intended for mounting inside other devices, on a TS 35 rail or in a euro cassette, while the uninterruptible power supplies are offered as wall boxes with space rechargeable batteries.


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