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OA Casings for batteries

The OA casings for batteries are designed for hanging, standing or mounting the batteries with capacity of up to 100Ah on a TS-35 rail (the OA7D version). The casings with batteries are a complementary element in the power supply systems of the devices used in the security industry, as well as in industrial automation and telecommunications.



  • closed casing designed for hanging at a wall, standing or hanging on a TS/DIN rail (M OA7D)
  • closed with screws (optionally with a key lock)
  • ribs fixing distance from wall - possibility of leading in cables


  Name Space for battery Additional data
1x7Ah or 2x5Ah
M OA65
1x65Ah or 1x100Ah
M OA2x65
2x65Ah or 2x100Ah or 4x40Ah or 8x18Ah

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