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ZM 110/220V


Power supplies in the basic version have an option of setting the output voltage with the switch accessible from the bottom side of the casing and with the Uo potentiometer accessible on the front panel. The adjustment range of the potentiometer is ± 5% of the value set with the switch.

All power supplies have a UPI output characteristic (voltage stabilization, power limitation and current stabilization) with additional short-circuit current limitation of up to about 1/3 of the nominal current. The actual levels of power and current limitation are slightly higher than their nominal values. The characteristics of power limitation and output current are automatically adjusted downwards if the inside of the power supply overheats above 75ºC. The standard power supplies are equipped with the LED and relay signalization.

  • one output
  • current limitation
  • voltage regulation on the front panel
  • overvoltage protection
  • active PFC
  • powered with 230Vac or 220Vdc DC mains
  • possibility of selecting terminals on front panel
  • many product versions for various mounting possibilities
  • relay indication of correct operation
  • LED signalization of correct operation and current limitation
  Name Nominal output voltage Output current Additional data

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