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Communication modules

The communication modules allow for connecting  telecom power systems into computer supervision systems and their remote monitoring. They are connected to the RS-232 serial port available in some MERAWEX power systems. The communication takes place via the Internet. The module casing is designed for mounting on the TS35 rail.

The SI48-ZM-MK and MK-MX4T2 modules provide the basic parameters of the telecom power system operation via the WWW and the SNMP agent. The web interface enables remote monitoring of the power system operation by using a typical internet browser. The modules enable access to the controller's registers by means of the SNMP interface. The modules inform about a device status via the SNMP traps.

The MK-MX4T2 module enables the connection and monitoring of power systems by supervisory systems of other manufacturers - thanks to the use of the standard SNMP protocol.


  • cooperation with telecom power systems

  • built-in web server - access to power systems’ parameters from websites

  • communication over SNMP protocol

  • RS-232 to TCP/IP converter

  • mountable on TS-35 rail,

  • 2 analog inputs for cooperation with temperature sensors (MK-MX4T2 only)

  • 4 binary inputs (MK-MX4T2 only)

  • 2 NO/NC relay outputs (MK-MX4T2 only)


  Name Output current Power Additional data

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