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The power supplies meet the requirements of the EN54-4 + A2 standard, thanks to which they can be used as power devices in fire alarm and fire signalization systems, e.g. in control panels of fire protection devices.

The power supplies have an additional packet that allows for direct supervision of rechargeable battery banks. The power supply equipped in such the way practically fulfills the role of a telecom power system or another uninterruptible voltage source (UPS DC) ensuring self-servicing of the connected battery.

In standard the power supplies are equipped with the LED and relay signalization and in the so-called low voltage disconnect device (LVDD) protecting the connected batteries from excessive discharging. The temperature sensor allows you to adjust the output voltage (floating voltage) depending on the ambient temperature of the batteries. The use of these systems makes it possible to maintain the proper operating parameters of the attached batteries and extends their life.

Thanks to the use of a special, programmable battery charging current limitation circuit, the power supply can cooperate with batteries of various capacities, ensuring, at the same time, the appropriate current and charging time of the connected batteries.

  • single phase 230Vac or 220Vdc input voltageLED signalization of correct operation and current limitation
  • relay indication of correct operation of power supply
  • continuous control of battery presence and its condition
    • indication of low voltage level on battery terminals
    • signalization of increase of internal resistance of battery circuit above certain value - according to EN54-4 + A2
  • separate indication of faulty states of backup power source (relays + LED)
  • separate indication of faulty states of main power source
  • separate output connectors for batteries
  • floating operation with temperature compensation of charging voltage
  • operation in automatic charging mode
  • LED signalization of charging, battery operation and low battery status
  • low voltage disconnect device (LVDD)
  • battery circuit fuse
  • battery charging current switch
  • floating operation voltage selection switch (V/cell)
  • possibility of selecting terminals on front panel
  • many product versions for various mounting possibilities

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