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Additional devices


The function of the module is to enable access to devices via TCP / IP based computer networks. The RS232 interface is used from the monitored device. Basic information about the device status is available from the level of the web browser and the SNMP protocol agent. In addition, the module offers access from the ModbusTCP protocol. The module is designed for mounting on a TS-35 rail.


The MK-ETH-1-RS232 module is dedicated for cooperation with MERAWEX devices such as:

  • 3U power systems, SI48 and SI24 families
  • 1U power systems of the SI48-1U family
  • Power supplies of the ZM family, type AC, AZC, PZC
  • Power supplies for the ZSP135-DR family
  • Power supplies of the ZSP100 / ZSP121 family


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